A positive path for spiritual living

Board Leadership

Unity South Church's Board of Directors meets monthly to manage all aspects of the community’s existence. Each month the ministers and six elected members gather to discuss plans, finances, and spiritual growth. Board Members are elected at the Annual Meeting each March to serve three-year terms.

Francine Evans – Board President
Francine started attending Unity South in 2009, but she and her family have been students of the Unity Movement since 1985, when her husband Gerald began attending Unity Christ Church in Omaha, Nebraska.  Francine and Gerald were married at that very church in 1987. 

Having lived in several cities around the country, Francine and her family have always been active members in each location. Both Francine and Gerald have served with the ushering and greeter ministry, hospitality, children’s church and serving as board members and pastor’s assistant. Both of their daughters attended Y.O.U. and Uniteen classes and graduated from those classes. Francine is the current Secretary of the Unity South Board and also participates in the Hospitality Ministry. 

Francine retired in 2010 after 31 years with the Department of the Treasury-I.R.S., where she led the Criminal Investigation Division for Minnesota, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota.  Francine believes her service as a civil servant was not just a profession, but it allowed her to help the taxpayers she served and the employees under her management. 

Francine has a double B.A. degree in Business Administration and Sociology and believes this has also enhanced her understanding of people and society.  If we are true students of Unity, we use or strive to use, those principles everyday. We are all the same inside, inherently good and Francine believes we should live our lives in truth, love and integrity.

Leif Nestingen, Vice President
Leif learned about Unity in the 70’s in St Louis Missouri. Twenty years ago he began attending services with Marlene Qualle. He describes Unity South as diverse, open, loving, cosmopolitan, accepting, interesting, and interested community. The teachings of Unity South showed me there was a God of love, compassion, and understanding rather than fear, hell, and damnation. Leif is committed to practicing the Unity principles by beholding the Christ in everyone. He has learned that each person is doing what they need to do in their own perfect way. Leif recognizes everyone has a divinity within them whether they are family members, business colleagues or casual acquaintances.  

Leif is the owner of RRR construction. RRR Construction, Inc is a licensed and insured general contracting remodeling company in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota.  He has been doing business as a remodeling contractor since 1980 in the Twin Cities, specializing in large remodeling and rehab projects and room additions. Leif’s focus is on remodeling homes for the changing needs of families. His work has helped people remain in their homes and community as their needs change over the years. RRR was voted #1 remodeler for 2009 by the Minnesota Women’s Press.

Leif and his wife Karen, a successful realtor, decided to remodel their house and reduce their “carbon footprint”. They took a 1930’s home and went “green." Leif and Karen help coordinate the Loaves and Fishes outreach program at Unity South. They have two adult children. Both were baptized at Unity South. They are proud of their children’s accomplishments. Leif is excited to be on the Board and share his passion for Unity principles and business acumen.

Vicki McFee, Board Secretary 

Vicki has been guided by Unity principles for over 25 years. She continues to be charmed and excited about the growth possibiliites of this church and the lessons it offers. In her own words, "As so many of us have found, the more I test the Unity teachings, the more truth is revealed, and the more delighted I am in the outcomes. The more time I give to study, meditation, and community, the richer I become. I look to this opportunity to serve on the Board as a way to continue giving to this loving comunity, knowing that I will recive far more than I can ever give."  


Luke Hendricks, Treasurer

I was asked to write a few basic things about myself. For starters, I’m the tall one with the Japanese wife and two kids who all make me seem younger and more attractive than I am. My work life has been mostly entrepreneurial. Currently, I spend my time finding patterns in data and have an investment algorithm being live tested by an investment manager, as a precursor to scaling into a financial product.

More to the point, I was born into a family that took protestant Christianity seri- ously, and graduated from Bethel University with many classes in theology and philosophy. The questioning of “traditional” Christianity which began in those days formed the path that led to Unity. I appreciate that my children can learn—and I can be reminded of—some of the beautiful and meaningful messages of the Bible without the theology of fear that usually comes with them. I fully believe the core Unity principles and I also appreciate that we can respectfully disagree with each other on details, and still be welcome and connected. I have great respect for the leadership of this church, and if elected to the Board, I would seek to affirm what we have, and build on it. 

Patty Tanji, Board Director

Patty found Unity South Church around 9/11, 2001. On a flight to Toronto a fellow passenger noticed the book she was reading and said “You must go to Unity.” “What’s Unity?” she replied. And the rest, as they say, is history. 
She tells the story: “For the first 5 years I attended Unity services I found a spot in the back room and cried every time I opened my mouth to sing. I had no idea why I came each Sunday. I just knew the messages, delivered by the late Rev. Ken Williamson, were resonating with me. The message gave me hope of something better and bigger than myself. What? I didn’t know. I was suffering from some un-recognizable and indescribable malaise that has no name. I now know I was missing God in my life."

Slowly, over time, that God void all but disappeared as she connected to the whole and rediscovered her true nature.
Today, Patty pitches in at our spiritual center whenever possible, sometimes acting as platform assistant, finding inspiring speakers for our Sunday lessons, working on the website, or dishing pasta at Loaves and Fishes. Her spiritual guides expand beyond the walls of Unity and they are very much part of her everyday existence.
 As a board member she adds her entrepreneurial skills and spirit to the talented leadership team. She hopes that every person that walks into Unity South Church has the opportunity to transform, just as she does everyday, moment to moment.

In her other life she is the president of the Pay Equity Coalition of MN where she advocates and lobbies for legislation pertaining to gender equity. She has a B.S. Business degree and a Master of Liberal Studies degree from the University of Minnesota. She is originally from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada where three sisters, a brother, and many nieces and nephews still reside. Patty and her husband Todd live in Eagan and have two smart and talented daughters. 



Jeremy Christensen, Board Director
Jeremy grew up in Unity youth programs, attending Unity Christ Church in Golden Valley with his aunt, Lauretta. Since joining Unity South Church, he has been actively involved in our fundraisers, youth ministry activities, cooking our First Sunday breakfasts and the Prime Rib/Salmon Dinner, as well as co-chairing the Silent Auction with his wife, Jacqueline.

In the local area, Jeremy participates in many civic and community organizations, including Loaves and Fishes, Feed My Starving Children and Volunteers Enlisted To Assist People (VEAP). 

In his professional life Jeremy is a Financial Advisor providing sound financial advice and value-added service to investors - always striving to build long-term relationships based on mutual trust and respect. Through a long-term investment approach, he helps clients develop and implement strategies for building wealth and realizing their goals. Jeremy worked for thirteen years with Piper Jaffray Companies, before joining Wells Fargo Advisors in 2006. He hold a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from St. Cloud State University and studied Economics at St. John’s University (MN). He has earned the Quantitative Choice portfolio manager designation by completing an extensive training course designed to help managers build upon their existing foundation in equity management and teach them the fundamentals of portfolio management and asset allocation. 

Jeremy grew up in St Paul and attended Como Park high school. He married his high school sweetheart, Jacqueline, and they have been together for 25 years. They are the proud parents of daughter Ms. Jana Marie, and a german shepherd, Major. His guidance and clarity ensure decisions are spiritually grounded and fiscally responsible.