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Board Leadership

Unity South Church's Board of Directors meets monthly to manage all aspects of the community’s existence. Each month the ministers and six elected members gather to discuss plans, finances, and spiritual growth. Board Members are elected at the Annual Meeting each March to serve three-year terms.

Patty Tanji, President

Patty found Unity South Church around 9/11, 2001. On a flight to Toronto a fellow passenger noticed the book she was reading and said “You must go to Unity.” “What’s Unity?” she replied. And the rest, as they say, is history. 
She tells the story: “For the first 5 years I attended Unity services I found a spot in the back room and cried every time I opened my mouth to sing. I had no idea why I came each Sunday. I just knew the messages, delivered by the late Rev. Ken Williamson, were resonating with me. The message gave me hope of something better and bigger than myself. What? I didn’t know. I was suffering from some un-recognizable and indescribable malaise that has no name. I now know I was missing God in my life."

Slowly, over time, that God void all but disappeared as she connected to the whole and rediscovered her true nature.
Today, Patty pitches in at our spiritual center whenever possible, sometimes acting as platform assistant, finding inspiring speakers for our Sunday lessons, working on the website, or dishing pasta at Loaves and Fishes. Her spiritual guides expand beyond the walls of Unity and they are very much part of her everyday existence.
 As a board member she adds her entrepreneurial skills and spirit to the talented leadership team. She hopes that every person that walks into Unity South Church has the opportunity to transform, just as she does everyday, moment to moment.

In her other world she has a B.S. Business degree and a Master of Liberal Studies degree from the University of Minnesota. She is originally from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada where three sisters, a brother, and many nieces and nephews still reside. Patty and her husband Todd live in Eagan and have two smart and talented daughters. 

Jeremy Christensen 

Board Member

Vicki McFee, Board Secretary 

Vicki has been guided by Unity principles for over 25 years. She continues to be charmed and excited about the growth possibiliites of this church and the lessons it offers. In her own words, "As so many of us have found, the more I test the Unity teachings, the more truth is revealed, and the more delighted I am in the outcomes. The more time I give to study, meditation, and community, the richer I become. I look to this opportunity to serve on the Board as a way to continue giving to this loving comunity, knowing that I will recive far more than I can ever give."  

Don Ramler, Treasurer

Don has been a member of Unity Suth since 1990. During that time, he has been an active member, volunteering in many of the ministries. He worked in the bookstore, was both a greeter and an usher at various times during his membership years, and has worked in the sound booth during services. Don is a vital part of many of the special events at Unity South. He has held leadership roles on the Annual Fall Dinner, the events Annual Gala and Fundraiser, and currently serves as a Prayer Chaplain. Don has also participated in many outreach activities such as Feed My Starving Children, Loaves & Fishes, and was the chairman of the Cub Foods Hot Dog Fundraiser. Don says his vision for Unity South is that it prosper and attract new members while showing by example how our principles work for us. He sees this being done through community events and outreach. He truly believes in the Unity Principles and tries to live up to them every day. He says he leaves his ego at the door when he walks into the building, or any Unity South activity, and lets the Divine in him do the work. He knows that if he does this, it will carry overt into other aspects of his life. Don is married to Sue Orton and they have two daughters, Summer and Asha, and two stepsons, Eric (deceased) and Ryan. 


Mark Johnson



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