A positive path for spiritual living


Unity South is Empowering!

We offer practical, spiritual teachings to help people prosper in all areas of their lives – health, wealth and relationships.

We help people have a stronger connection to God every day through prayer and meditation.

We believe we co-create our reality through thoughts, prayers and our actions.

We nurture, respect and empower children as we deliver programs and principles to help them deepen their connection with God and prepare for life.

We are committed to practicing our spiritual beliefs.

We help people discover and live their spiritual purpose and potential.

We offer tools that empower abundant and meaningful living.

We offer services, workshops, classes, and retreats to help you create positive changes in your life, family, work and community.

If you are searching for a spiritual home where children and adults are empowered to do great things with their talents – for themselves and others, visit us and gain the tools to achieve your goals.