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Following Your Rainbow

Sat, 04/02/2022 - 6:32pm -- Rev. James Stacey

What do you expect at the end of your rainbow? A leprechaun and a pot o’ gold? The Land of OZ? Or maybe you expect a realm of peace and fulfillment of your true being?

The rainbow is a symbol for many of the potentiality of creation. In the Book of Genesis, it is the sign of the covenant between God and humanity. In popular lore it is the sign that the storm of life has passed. In esotericism (study of hidden or spiritual truths) the rainbow we see in the sky is only half of the story. Geometry tells us that wherever there is an arc, it is only a segment of a complete circle. Therefore, we see the rainbow, the arc in the sky, yet hidden from our sight is the completion of the arc that runs through the earth sphere. We have two symbols to consider. The arc in the sky is our reminder of the pure potential inherent in the spiritual realm. All that is possible “over the rainbow.” The second symbol, the arc that runs through the earth is our reminder of the Wisdom that runs through creation. It is not potential. It is the creative principles that have already taken form in earth’s nature, humanity, our lives, even our bodies. All created forms are expressions of creative Wisdom—God in form.

It is good for us to contemplation all that is spiritual principle, Truth, possibility—and all that has taken form and is an expression of God in this physical world. So we may find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow as the physical manifestation of unlimited spiritual potential. God, Good, is unformed potential and the precious gold is an expression of God made flesh or form.