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I Make A Difference Right Where I Am

Sun, 06/13/2021 - 4:19pm -- Rev. James Stacey
From - The Weekly Newsletter from Unity South Twin Cities
June 9, 2021  
“I Make a Difference Right Where I Am”
A Midweek Lift from Reverend James
One of the most well-known sayings of Jesus is that of the “lilies in the field” recorded in Luke’s Gospel—Consider the lilies and wildflowers, how they grow. They neither labor nor spin wool to make clothing; yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his glory and splendor dressed himself like one of these.

Although this story is usually cited to refer to God’s perpetual care of his children. I think another facet of this story to think about is “authenticity.” Natural beauty like seen in the “lilies” comes from living your genuine self. Mark Nepo in the “Food for Thought” (below) describes the same quality as being “at home in your own skin.”

Doesn’t it feel good to truly be yourself—like being a wildflower just doing what comes naturally? Being yourself wherever you find yourself not only feels good but it’s also inspiring to others. The old saying, “just bloom wherever you’re planted” has a deep wisdom to impart. The wise words are attributed to Saint Francis de Sales, 16th Century Bishop of Geneva.

I invite you to consider how you have the creative power, by virtue of your true nature, to bloom anywhere. Start simply, at the grocery store or shopping center and be kind and encouraging to the clerks. Advance to your neighbors, share what you love about your life and invite them to do the same. Soon you’ll be ready for the big lesson—the hard, concrete crack, those difficult situations where there seems to be no room for the flower of forgiveness and compassion to bloom. But it can!  I have a good friend and I admire her genuine kindness. When a group conversation tilts toward criticism and complaint. She laughs in a natural way and then offers something genuinely positive to the conversation. She looks for a crack in the hard concrete of the conversation and…blooms right where she is. And the group is made better for it.