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The Loneliness of God

Tue, 04/07/2015 - 1:47pm -- cmoen


The Loneliness of God

by Rev. Festus Umeojiego


It is my long held belief, indeed a conviction, that the purpose and meaning of our lives is deeply embedded in relationship. God’s primal impulse is to create, and this impulse is rooted in the loneliness of God.


Mystics of all ages and from many traditions tell us that God’s nature is expressed (pressed outward) as irresistible creative impulse. Throughout time, mystic thinkers have engaged their minds in an intellectual puzzle: Why would a self-existent God, whose essence is complete Unity, want to enter a seemingly limited phase called creation?

Creation did happen as evidenced by many universes and myriad forms. Why would the One want to become the many, they pondered? The answer was: In order for God to fully know and appreciate the Self.


God said, “Let us create others as a reflection of ourselves; want to have a relationship with the other that is ‘an ideal projection of our all-ness.’”


God said, as it were: Though I am complete and must not violate My Essential Unity, I will not fully appreciate myself unless I have some other-ness, out of my Unity, to act as my self-reflective mirror. In human, imperfect language, it is as if God is saying: I am lonely, and want to gaze on an other that is a perfect reflection of me, as a companion.


“Let us make the humankind, in our image and after our likeness.” Genesis 1:26


We read the echo of this in the allegorical story of Adam and Eve where God

essentially said to Adam, it is not good for you to be alone. So I will make a companion for you out of your essence.


In Jewish mystical literature, it said: the first moment of emanation [creation] is an act of self-contraction or constriction (Tzimitzum), of the infinity of God. God cannot be made known to the world unless Allness presents the Self in a worldly form. This means that God that is infinite and everywhere had to create space for us to show up.


We discern that God wanted to create a platform for relationships to express. Relationship is important to God for full expression and self-appreciation; as it is with us as the ground of fulfillment for our lives!


We are created as an expression and externalization of Allness. Thus, we cannot be separated from God or from one another (all projections of God). The only way we can be complete is in relationship with God and with one another. True relationship with God and with one another is reflective spiritual communion, and not an act of bondage or obligation. The sweetness lies in gazing at