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Memory, Recollection, and Recreating

Fri, 10/29/2021 - 6:01pm -- Rev. James Stacey
“Memory, Recollection, and Recreating ”
A Midweek Lift from Reverend James


We are entering of time of remembrance with Halloween (All Hollows Eve), All Saints and All Souls—through November to Thanksgiving! As we express gratitude, we recall our blessings and our harvest of good. Yet the memory capacity of the human soul is mysterious. There are many differing ideas about human memory. Do we actually remember by diving into an old card catalog or modern data bank or mentally access a memory stick? Some philosophers think we recreate in the present moment an experience from our past. We relive it in the now. We don’t transport ourselves back into the past.

Reliving our experiences might mean we highly value something from our chronological past and recreate its meaning to “seed” our future with this meaningful event. Perhaps it would be easier to just say we “learned” something by living that will affect our future story.
During this Autumn season of recalling and giving thanks for our experiences, we are recreating them and defining them as “blessings.” Our lives have been blessed by many events. As we consciously define these blessings, we are sowing “seeds” of potential good for our future. Therefore, it is a valuable spiritual practice to consider the blessings of our unfolding story and seed our future with great expectations of our past shaping our future.

In rituals of remembrance, such as: All Saints & All Souls (November 1 & 2) we are not going back in time to remember events we shared with our departed loved ones, instead we actually create in this present moment a deep awareness of the connection with our loved ones, now.

As we move through Autumn into Winter, think of those blessed experiences you choose to carry forward into your future. These potentials will sleep within you through the winter but in due season they will bring forth new opportunities. What you’ve learned by living will open future doors to you!