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Operations Ministry (Building and Grounds)

Our Unity South Building is a glorious place to worship, gather, learn and grow. The Operations Ministry manages the care of our grounds and buildings

Keeping a feeling of pride, comfort and inspiration!

Taking care of our building and grounds is more than painting walls and mowing grass. It is caring for the physical surroundings which affect our community.

The care for our building is done by our volunteers – led by our Operations Ministry Team. This team plans spring and fall clean-up days and also keeps track of special projects, repairs, or upkeep that is needed inside and out of our building.

We enjoy our building, 52 weeks per year. Two of those weeks we all come together to make it sparkle and shine! Once in the fall and once in the spring, everything from floor to ceiling, glass to roof, gets touched with care.

Do you have an interest and passion for creating a beautiful atmosphere at Unity South? We have opportunities to become involved by participating in:

Building Maintenance
Grounds Maintenance
Facilities Security
Handyman/woman services (light repair and maintenance)
Fall and Spring Clean-Up Crew (interior and exterior)
Snow shoveling
Flower gardens
Seasonal Decorating


Unity South has some ongoing needs to help us maintain our beautiful, newly refreshed landscaping!

If you are avaialble and interested in helping us to maintain -- and continue to improve -- our landscaping, these are some of the regular, ongoing needs:

  • Weeding:  all of the flower and planting beds, wherever mulch has been spread; pulling/digging out weeds from sidwalk seams
  • Deadheading:  any spent blooms can be pinched off, or stems cut back (lilies, marigolds, etc.)
  • Watering:  weekdays during office hours (12-5pm), or Sundays (between 11:30a-1:30p), especially when we haven't had rain
  • Trash pick-up:  grounds and parking lot typically need pick-up once a week, preferably before Sunday services
  • Donate used newspapers: (NO ad inserts) this material will be used as weed barrier to line pathway in butterfly garden before applying mulch
  • Dig out/kill scrub trees:  There are still several scrub trees that have taken hold in back of the church. These need to be removed early and as often as they take root.

Please contact Carlotta Posz at carlottaposz@gmail.com if you are able to help with any of these tasks on a one-time, or regular basis, or if you have any questions about the volunteer needs for our grounds. Thank you!