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Prayer Chaplains


Unity South Prayer Chaplains Program

A Prayer Chaplain is a Unity South member trained in affirmative prayer. They listen and pray with open hearts and hold all in confidence. Prayer Chaplains hold Spiritual Space for all. This means they hold in consciousness (awareness) a place of possibilities, knowing God's presence and power is greater than any circumstance, situation or condition.

Their Mission Statement is: To serve God and fellow congregants by being a presence of prayer and support. To express and encourage a consciousness of love, connection, and community.

Our Prayer Chaplains for 2021 are:  Don & Sharon Rollefson (Prayer Chaplain Leaders), Nancy Lee, Don Ramler, & Yvette Trotman

Unity is committed to reaching out in prayer, comfort and support to our congregation. As our ministry continues to grow, our Prayer Chaplains are invaluable in helping to meet the pastoral care needs of our spiritual family.

The role of our Prayer Chaplains is, quite simply, to pray. Chaplains are not counselors or advice-givers. The core of the Prayer Chaplain commitment is to:

  • Hold spiritual space
  • Lovingly listen
  • Pray from the heart
  • Hold in confidence what is shared

If you would like prayer support from one of our prayer chaplains please call or email the church office at 952-884-6656 or office@unitysouth.org