A positive path for spiritual living

Prayer & Support

11:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Monday- Thursday Prayer Service  

We believe in the power of affirmative prayer. We are ready to pray with you or for you.

This meditative service is focused on five themes: Inner Peace, Guidance, Health, Prosperity, and World Peace.

During that time we speak aloud an affirmation for each theme, then sit in the silence as we take them into our true nature, the Christ within. All are welcome to join us in person, or in consciousness.

Why use affirmitive prayer? Affirmitive prayer provides feelings of renewal, energy, and gratitude which are all gifts of this prayerful break in the week.

What is affirmitive prayer? Affirmitive prayer is prayer using the positive power of affirmation. An example of an affirmation is; "One Love shines within us all."

During this time together, we also recognize the prayers that have been placed in our prayer box, submitted by congregants, callers, or visitors throughout the week. These prayers are prayed over for 30 days at Unity South, then sent on to Unity Village for another 30 days of prayer.







Unity South Prayer Chaplains Program 

Their Mission Statement is: To serve God and fellow congregants by being a presence of prayer and support.

To express and encourage a consciousness of love, connection, and community.

A Prayer Chaplain is a Unity South member trained in affirmative prayer.

They listen and pray with open hearts and hold all in confidence.

Prayer Chaplains hold Spiritual Space for all.

This means they hold in consciousness (awareness) a place of possibilities, knowing God's presence and power is greater than any circumstance, situation or condition.



Prayer Chaplains are dedicated to praying with the congregants at Unity South.

They make monthly wellness (phone) calls to our members to offer prayer,* are available Sunday mornings at the back of the church to pray one-on-one with individuals, and pray for every prayer request in the Prayer Box.

Prayer Chaplains also lead special services on World Day of Prayer, and other occasions.

*If you do not wish to be called by the Chaplains, please contact the church office at 952-884-6656 to have your name removed from the calling schedule.