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“Using exercises pioneered by the great spiritual teacher Rudolf Steiner, Michael Lipson gives ancient, yet very timely, keys to freshening our perceptions and opening our horizons.”

“The Stairway of Surprise: Six Steps to a Creative Life”

by Michael Lipson, PhD
4 Tuesdays, September 6 - 27
7:00 - 8:30pm
Led by Reverend James Stacey
Cost: Suggested $10 per session

Learn how six common abilities — thinking, feeling, doing, loving, opening, thanking — can be intensified infinitely.

We already think; we can learn to think more deeply, more livingly. We already feel; we can learn to train our feeling-life away from ourselves so that we feel the world in its richness. We already thank; we can learn a depth of gratitude that makes life and love intensely real.

These exercises we’ll explore are simple, but demanding. By strengthening our capacity to pay attention, they allow us to say the right word and have the fresh thought just when we need to.

They gradually lead us out of the mire of distraction and confusion, and allow us to practice what we need most: continual presence of mind.
Three opportunities to further develop your greatest gift — your attention!
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