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There's a Lot of Noise in the World

Fri, 07/24/2020 - 2:07pm -- Rev. James Stacey
Spiritual Connecting with Unity South Twin Cities
Reverend James Stacey - July 22, 2020
Volume 1, Number 34

There’s a Lot of Noise in the World

All around the world there is noise and sound.  Do those two words have different meanings for you?  Noise or the fancy word, “cacophony,” is used to describe a harsh mixture of sound without meaning.  Sometimes I feel like I’m hearing a lot of cacophony these days.  However, human beings are “meaning-makers,” so it’s up to us to find meaning in what sounds we hear.  Perhaps if we hear noise in our world or through the media and can’t find any meaning or purpose in such sounds that is an indication we need to tune them out.

These days are giving us abundant opportunities to practice our spiritual discernment.  Most noise generators have on/off switches.  And if you can find the switch use you inner switch to turn your attention to the silence within.  This is very important to your stress level.  Psychological research projects have shown the subjects who think they have control over “noise,” in other words, they can turn it off, are not stressed.  However, the subjects who cannot turn off the noise become very stressed.  The term the researchers used for this result is “learned helplessness.”

The bottom line is this—if you do not want to suffer from stress practice tuning out meaningless noise in your life.
The Unforgettable Voice Within…

What do you hear and why?  Jesus referred to the “Bath Kol,” in Hebrew it means “daughter of the voice” or “echo of the sound of Creation.”  He feared his people could no longer hear it.  Perhaps they had lost the awareness of the ongoing process of creation.  It could be understood as the ever-present echo of God’s original proclamation of Creation—“Let there be light.”  In the silence of prayer, we can listen for this inner voice, the sound of creation, or the Hebrew “Bath Kol.”  As Myrtle Fillmore suggests in the reading below, we need the restoration that comes in the silence or “nighttime” as she describes it.  The beautiful song, “I Believe,” is a modern expression of this inner experience.  Click the link here.