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We Release Creative Energy Through Forgiveness

Fri, 11/05/2021 - 11:20am -- Rev. James Stacey

When we follow Unity’s 12 Power Model over the course of the year, November is usually associated with the 11th Power—Renunciation. In recent years it is more often named “Release.” The essential divine idea behind this power is release, cleansing, and forgiveness. Charles Fillmore often called Unity students to image what their life would be like if they could release their breath, couldn’t release bodily waste, or could release a thought. We would become stagnant, wouldn’t we?

This Power of Release is an expression of the wisdom through which we were created. It balances our ability to attract, assimilate, and accumulate. Whatever we take in there will be an appropriate time to release. In Autumn, Nature gives witness to this power to let go. We can ask ourselves, “Do I balance my abilities to attract and release?” “Does this have a corollary in my ability to receive and give?”

In this month that concludes with the tradition of giving thanks for our blessings, what would be the counterpoint? What would be the release? In the biblical story of Job, he proclaims, The Eternal has given, and has taken away. May the name (nature) of the Eternal One be blessed.” This spiritual cycle of assimilating and releasing is a blessing. It maintains our life balance as we allow it. The is a wisdom in the Autumn—Winter celebrations we will share at Unity South. Thanksgiving Communion and Burning Bowl Ritual are designed to help us balance this spiritual cycle.


~Rev. James Stacey