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What's Up With You

Sun, 03/20/2022 - 6:02pm -- Rev. James Stacey

“What's Up With You”
A Midweek Lift from Reverend James

Spring arrives on Sunday, March 20th. After our winter of deep introspection and the current Season of Lent, what’s up with you? Have you discovered a change you are willing to make, a “Spring Cleaning” for your soul? You have never experienced this Spring 2022 before, you can begin fresh, or reboot your approach to life.

In “Food for Thought” at the end of this E-Newsletter, M. Scott Peck calls us to the practice of “responsibility.” He gives examples of placing responsibility in other people or in society in general; and then states we can only solve problems when we claim them as our own! Yikes. What a disturbing idea—to take ownership of difficult circumstances or problem relationships. However, when we do own them, we empower ourselves to do something to change them. As Don Miguel Ruiz states in “The Fifth Agreement,” we realize we are the director of the movie of our life. We can shout, “Lights, Camera, Action!” Or “Attention, Focus, Change!”

We are truly creative beings! Therefore, we should consciously choose what we are creating. I have a friend who changes any scene she enters. How? She brings into any scene: joyfulness, positivity, and a readiness to offer help. My friends, that consistent approach “solves problems.” We can carry that same soul-power into any scene in which we find ourselves. And that same approach to the problems that we take ownership of, gives us the control over the problem. If you are practicing our “Prosperity Bank Exercise” you know the drill— “I accept change. I adjust to change. I appreciate the changes God brings into my life!” After all, Spring brings changes! Thank God.